About Us

About Us

The Kidbrooke Park Allotment Association (KPAA) was originally formed over 30 years ago incorporating the existing Kidbrooke Park Allotment and Garden Society. It is a self-managed site of 100 plots, with the day-to-day work organised by a voluntary committee. Self-management allows us to reduce the Council’s administrative costs and also ensures our members are fully consulted about major decisions. We are members of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG). The land itself is owned by Greenwich Borough Council.

The site is accessed via a private locked gate from Kidbrooke Park Road, just off Old Post Office Lane, SE3 9BY. It sits between James Removals and Recall on the south and west, and Thomas Tallis School on the north and east. The site is mostly flat, with shared paths leading around the entire site. Due to the nature of the large buildings surrounding the site, the level of sun exposure in the daytime varies.

The allotment itself has a shop for buying goods and renting power tools, toilet facilities, and a wind turbine generating electricity. Water is provided by Thames Water at standard rates. The allotment provides manure, hay, and wood chip as available. There is dedicated bonfire space and green waste space as well. There are no general rubbish bins, and plot holders are asked to take any rubbish with them to bin at home.

The allotment hosts an annual summer BBQ in early August as well as a Seed and Plant Swop in late May.

In previous years, plot holders were provided with a 10 rod plot, which is about 20m x 10m, or 60’ x 30’. The science was that this size should provide a family of 4 with enough fruit and vegetables for a year. Fast forward to more recent times, the typical lifestyle has shifted away from needing to garden to survive, to more ‘leisure gardening’. This makes it easier for first-time plot holders to manage their land, and has the added advantage of allowing more people to cultivate while reducing wait times on the plot waiting list, as well as enhance the community atmosphere. KPAA provides 5 rod plots as standard, however some plots are smaller, at 3 to 5 rods, due to the inherent space layout of the land.

KPAA has a community reflecting the diverse nature of the greater London area, American, British, Chinese, Cypriot, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, West Indian, and Vietnamese are represented, allowing for interesting traditions and cultivations across the site.

The wait list averages 1 -2 years to get to the top. Please use the Contact Us form to register your interest for a plot with KPAA.

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