Site Facilities

Site Facilities

KPAA has a range of facilities available for members


KPAA has an onsite shop which offers a range of horticultural products at competitive prices, including:

  • Composts, slug pellets, bamboo canes, & fertilisers
  • A selection of seeds
  • Rental of power tools and equipment (Shop has the right to refuse power tools to anyone deemed not fit to use some tools)

The shop is open most mornings on Saturday and Sunday, and by special arrangement with a committee member. If an arrangement is needed, contact a committee member at:


Adjacent to the shop is a restroom facility. The water is on in the warmer months and turned off once the weather turns cooler. A water butt is located inside the restroom to provide flushing water during these months.

All members are provided a key to this restroom and are asked to tidy up as needed after use so it stay clean for all members to use.


A wind turbine generating electricity for the shop and toilet lighting was installed in 2010.


Water is provided across the allotment by Thames Water. This makes up a considerable amount of the annual budget and members are asked to use water wisely. The cost is the driver for the ongoing ban for watering plots with hoses.

Site Map

The KPAA Allotment Site is approximately laid out like this: KPAA Plot Site Layout. Please note this map is for reference only and not drawn to scale.


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