KPAA Plot Request (Waiting List)

KPAA Plot Request (Waiting List)

We welcome applicants who are residents of the Borough of Greenwich only. There is currently about a 1-2 year wait for a plot. Please email us at the email in the Contact Us page.

We process applications in small batches and will email you a confirmation. Please don’t worry if you don’t see your name on the list of plot requests right away, it can take up to a week to update the online list.

Your contact details will be kept in the KPAA member’s database, as required by our agreement with Greenwich Council. The members database is stored on a password protected server, and is only accessed by members of the KPAA committee.Your name and position on the waiting list will be published on the KPAA website. Your details will only be used as and when we need to contact you for a vacant plot. Once you become a member your details will be used to contact you and also for generating invoices. Your details will not be passed onto any other 3rd party organisation, except Greenwich Council, should they request it.

If your details change, contact us so we can update our records.

KPAA Plot Waiting List

 NameApplication Date Received
Colin Baines29 April 2016
Darren Glozier13 March 2017
Anna Piczak25 September 2017
Jean -Luc Vila17 November 2017
Cleona Lira25 November 2017
Rhianne Chapman27 December 2017
Michael Gallagher9 January 2018
Maureen Caliendo4 March 2018
Hannah Burns15 April 2018
Helen Rogers27 April 2018
Thalia De Mar29 April 2018
Lucinda Laguda4 June 2018
Chelsea Bradbury6 June 2018
Mick Green11 June 2018
Kiloran Benn O'Leary 21 June 2018
Steven Pepperrell23 June 2018
Virginia Wanjiro28 June 2018
Brian Thompson29 June 2018
Annette Caine29 June 2018
Lesley Murray7 July 2018
Dr Abdullah Jeilani 14 July 2018
Anna Strong18 July 2018
Christine Ludolo30 July 2018
Vivienne Simpson7 August 2018

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