Constitution and Tenancy Agreement

Constitution 2016

Tenancy Agreement 2016

The below items are key highlights of the rules all plot holders and helpers are expected to follow in order to ensure the enjoyment of all allotment members. Failure to follow the allotment rules in certain circumstances may result in the member forfeiting their plot. The key rules are as follows:

    • Bonfires: These can only be lit on weekends and Bank Holidays. This means that even during school holidays bonfires must not be lit as although the adjacent school will be closed, there are still people working in the adjacent Recall offices. Please be aware of wind conditions to minimise inconvenience of blowing smoke to others.
    • Pathways: The pathways between plots are the responsibility of the adjoining plot holders to maintain by ensuring they are a minimum 18 inches (45 centimetres) wide. Where they cross paths, it is up to the adjoining plot holders either to take turns ensuring the grass is cut or agree who is going to be responsible for cutting which pathway.
    • Access onto the site: Access keys to the allotment site must not be provided to persons who are not members of the association without approval of the committee. Also, when entering the allotment site, do not allow other people entrance unless you know that they are another member. Any helpers of allotment members who turn up expecting access must be met at the gates by, or turn up with the allotment holder they are visiting.
    • Access around plots: It is not allowed for any allotment member to gain access onto another members plot without their prior arrangement e.g. such as watering plants etc. All members and guests must keep to the main paths which divide the plots and must not enter onto paths within a plot.
    • Guests: Any family or friend that is a guest on the allotment site is the responsibility of the allotment member and must abide by the associations rules.
    • Skips: These are provided occasionally during the year for members to clearout rubbish from their plots which is not suitable for composting or burning. They must not be used for compostable waste or for any waste which has not been generated onsite e.g. waste brought from home.
    • General Rubbish: There is no general rubbish bin onsite, please take any rubbish home with you.


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